Behind the Curtain of Success


Behind everyone’s greatness that they have earned in life they all had to start from the same line. Everyone has different ways that they had become successful. But if they became successful through school they started just like everyone else does. Some of the ways that have helped people to become successful are simply just getting away from the technology. Some of the greatest things have been done when technology wasn’t even invented; turning away from the screen helps you in the long run in making you successful. Some other ways that help with becoming successful is using snail mail, and also crafting your resume.

This semester in Eng 131 we took a step back in time for the class period; no technology was allowed out unless instructed, or it was during a break period. Some people see technology as something that is glorious, and that is true it is but sometimes you need to just break away from it. Some of the greatest things that we have done in this class, and in historic history were done without the use of technology. Studies have also shown that those who use digital devices in class perform worse than those who don’t: “students barred from using laptops or digital devices in lectures and seminars did better in their exams than those allowed to use computers and access the internet”(Adams). The study conducted 726 upgrades and divided them into three groups: the controlled group, those allowed any technology, and those just allowed to use tablets. The results of the study where that “Our results indicate that students perform worse when personal computing technology is available. It is quite possible that these harmful effects could be magnified in settings outside of West Point,”(Adams). Even though technology is an amazing thing sometimes we need to take a step away at times; that also includes using the snail-mail that was required for this course.

Snail mail is something that we do not like using because, it take three or more days just to get a letter to someone. Why would we want to do that if we can just send a text message and it will get there in just seconds? Using snail mail helped me feel successful this semester, and I feel that it overall gave me some values. This was the first class that I have had that wanted to send letters, and when we were first instructed to do so I was dreading it. However, after every time I got my letter written, labeled, stamped, and mail ready I got excited for it. I was ready to mail it and to see how long it would take to get to that person. Using technology is an amazing thing, but I feel that using snail-mail is something that teaching morals. It teaches patience, and writing skills also. At Briar – Cliff University they did a study on how many students use the “Snail mail”, and it resulted with 25, 70 pound bags of mail a week is the normal. They say this is the reason why”  An email might be faster, and a text message more convenient. But they can’t quite replace a handwritten letter, or a card filled with a few dollars, when it comes to reminding students of home” (Brauer).   Those skills are some things that go hand in hand with other things you need in life. You also can develop new skills that you can use to put on your resume that you have as an individual.

Writing resumes are one of the most important things that I have learned this semester, and it is something that is very important to everyone that is applying for a job, or internship. It is also something that almost every employer is wanting when you are applying for a new position. Through the visits from the career center, and with us being asked to create one it feels that it is something that everyone is stronger in now. Since resumes are something that helps you stand out of the crowd, and be able to show your strengths; it is never a good thing to lie about

your abilities just to try can get the job. Overall you need to try to make yourself stand out of the crowd and show that you have new and old cards to bring forward.

Eng 131 has opened our eyes to many things a lot of professors do not do anymore like not using technology in the learning environment, and snail mail. It has helped make us more rounded people, and also gave us new skills im sure many of us do not use outside of this class. This class is almost like a step back into time before technology and everything took over; I have enjoyed personality how this class was set up, and hope it continues to be like this for years to come.


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The insight into Tracey’s life

In the novel Swing Time by Zadie Smith, we are introduced to an unnamed narrator, and another character named Tracy that became the narrators best friend at the beginning of the book. The narrator and Tracy met when they went dancing class, and the narrator was envy Tracy’s ballet slippers and tutu. In the middle of the novel, Tracy begins to control the narrator’s life, and it happened to cause the narrator to become envy of Tracy even more than before. There is a lot of misfortunate events that unravel during the middle of the event; some of these events that happened at the end of the book was that Tracy became pregnant. Tracey quit dance when she became pregnant and it destroyed her dance career as we know it. In the end, it was just Tracey and her kids because her mom passes, and she ended her lifelong friendship with the narrator who was never named. One of the central themes that is brought up through the book is toxic friendships. It is brought up through the book in the following ways: Jealousy, putting one below the other, and betrayal.


Jealousy is a huge part of the book which seems to be centered on the topic of toxic friendships. On page 349 in Swing Time, the narrator received a letter about something that her father had done, yet she was not heard from Tracey in years. She sent the letter because she was jealous that the narrator had a father figure in her life, and she envied that so much that she was out to destroy it. When she received the letter this is what she said “I hadn’t seen Tracy in years- and I opened it as I sat at my father’s table with my father sitting opposite me. “Who’s that from?… Two minutes later the only question remaining was whether it was fact of fiction. It had to be fiction: to believe otherwise was to make everything in my present life impossible”(Page 349).  Other points throughout the book that help the theme of jealousy is when the girls were in ballet together. Tracey was the one that had the new shoes, and the tutu and the narrator wanted that to be her; she also had her mom show up to every lesson while the narrator’s mother did not. With the part of jealousy in mindless move on to the next point; which is putting one another down.


The characters have a rocky friendship that is very obvious throughout the book, and one would think that they weren’t even friends at all but enemies. In the middle of the book, there is a part in which it talks about Tracey judging the narrator’s dance skills. Tracey says to the narrator “So what’s you dad going to come and watch you fuck it all up for? No point, is there?” (Page 55). Tracey would consistently put the narrator down about dance all of the time; Tracey went to dance school while the narrator didn’t go to dance school. She told her that she was a horrible dancer and just screws up all of the dances all of the time. The narrator would also be putting Tracey down for not having a father in her life.

Betrayal, it is something that is very common in a toxic friendship and that includes there’s as well. Tracy and the Narrator would always turn their backs on one another due to revenge, jealousy, and many other things. It started when they were younger and the boys at the school were running around sticking their fingers up girls skirts. Tracy set up a sort of trap to the narrator in the band room; she had two boys go into the room and cornered her into a corner trying to do those actions. While Tracey set it up she also the one that stopped it before it happened. One of the other times that Tracey turned her back on the narrator was when they made a music video and got caught in the process of making it. At that given point this is what the narrator said “ I just stood there, but Tracey with typical resourcefulness did three things: She took the VHS tape out of the recorder, put the single back in its sleeve and both items in the pink silk drawstring purse her mother had seen fit to hang on her shoulder”(Page 81). When Tracey took the tape out and put it in her purse she didn’t get rid of it; she kept it for evidence, or for even blackmail for the future. Overall the girls hardly ever stood by each other’s side and was always trying to do things to upset the other one.


Overall the topic of a toxic friendship is very evident throughout the book, and also between the two main characters in the book. With that being said the different parts that make this a toxic friendship which is; Jealousy, putting one another down, and betrayal show the character are just bad for each other. The narrator and Tracey even though they have been friends for a long time, yet those were not so good memories show that they were not good for each other and made things a lot harder for both of them in the long run. It revealed that the book is full of mischievous and also horrible events that they bring on each other, and also have made worse through those actions listed above.

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